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Are you ready to 


Purchase your ticket onsite at our ticket booth.


Proceed to the venue (opens 5 minutes before the workshop).


Fill up the registration form and waiver/s.

  • Are the Makerspace Studios free?
    Makerspace Studios are part of the Mind Moving Studios - a series of free science demonstrations by the resident scientists of The Mind Museum. Your ticket purchase to the museum allows you to join these for free.
  • When can I watch the demos?
    Makerspace demos are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 pm in the Science Demo Area in the Atom Gallery.
  • Who can join the workshop?
    All guests who have purchased a ticket to the museum may join the workshop. Just purchase an add-on workshop ticket at the ticket booth. There are also recommended ages for each workshop. If your age is not within the recommended range, we will still allow you to join. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to maximize your experience in that workshop.
  • How long is a workshop?
    The workshop will last for 2 hours but participants can leave early when they have finished their creations.
  • How much is a workshop?
    The workshop fee is worth Php 100.00. Tickets can be purchased onsite at The Mind Museum.
  • Can I reserve a workshop slot?
    Because the slots are limited, you may only reserve your slot once you have purchased a workshop ticket already.
  • What do I have to do after I have purchased a ticket for the workshop?
    After purchasing a workshop ticket, proceed to the venue at least five (5) minutes before the start of the workshop. Once you enter the room, you will be asked to fill up a registration form and a waiver. The workshop facilitators will assist you.
  • What if I arrive late for the workshop?
    For CREATE workshops, participants can join in at any time within the schedule (10 AM - 12 NN). For CHALLENGE workshops, participants can join in at any time within the first hour of the workshop (1 PM - 2 PM). By 2 PM, we will no longer accept late participants as the workshop activity will be done by group/team. We still highly recommend that you come in on time to maximize your workshop experience.
  • Do I have to stay through the entire workshop?
    Participants are free to leave the workshop at any time. However, we recommend that you stay until you have finished your creation.
  • What if I already bought a ticket but I can’t go to the workshop?
    If you cannot join the workshop, you may transfer the slot to someone else but there will be NO REFUNDS.
  • What will happen to our slot in case the workshop gets postponed?
    In case the workshop gets postponed, an email regarding rescheduling will be sent to all registered participants.
  • Where can we park our car?
    The Mind Museum does not have its own designated parking lot. However, the suggested public parking lot is Crescent North.
  • Can parents accompany the participants during the workshop?
    Due to the limited space of the venue, each participant can only be accompanied by ONE guardian. Although one guardian is allowed, we recommend that the said guardian will only provide minimal assistance to the participant. This is to maximize the participant’s workshop experience, as the essence of the workshop is to let them learn and explore by doing and creating.
  • What if the participants has more than one guardian?
    Due to the limited space of the venue, each participant can only be accompanied by ONE guardian. Should there be more than one guardian, the extra guardian/s will have to pay for an additional workshop ticket. The extra paying guardian can also participate in the workshop.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Should you have any questions, you may contact us via email: If you're already in the museum, you may also approach our front desk staff. Please note that our office hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday.
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